Strategic Alliances

ICP Ingeniería is constantly looking for opportunities to innovate in its services through synergy with strategic partners. The idea is that through technology transfer and cooperation it is possible to provide a higher quality service to the client.

Alianza Carbón Ingeniería

This strategic alliance allows us to jointly offer in Chile and Central America multi-disciplinary engineering services, studies, expert advisory, design of hydromechanical equipment, inspection of works, project optimization, testing and commissioning, support in the management of equipment purchases, Counterpart engineering for hydroelectric and wind generation projects.

Both companies have a lot of experience in the development of conceptual, basic and detailed level design engineering for works and equipment in Generation projects, which total more than 100 projects developed in the Chilean and Central American markets.

Alianza Carbon ingenieria
Alianza SUMEC

This strategic alliance allows us to jointly offer in Chile, contracts under the EPC modality of hydroelectric, wind and solar projects.

SUMEC has a lot of experience in the development of projects under the EPC modality for hydroelectric, wind and solar power generation projects.

ICP Ingeniería has a lot of experience developing multidisciplinary design engineering, inspection of works and equipment, in hydroelectric, wind and solar generation projects.

The ICP_SUMEC alliance allows us to offer customers in the energy industry services that include:

  1. Design engineering, equipment supply, advice on assembly and testing of equipment supplied by SUMEC.
  2. Design, supply and construction of hydroelectric, wind and solar renewable energy generation projects.
Sumec - China
Alianza CanNorth

CanNort is a multi-disciplinary and environmental consulting company, that is 100% owned by a Canadian Indigenous Community, which provides special environmental and socio-economic innovations for the natural resources industry. CanNorth is certified under ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (management and care of the environment).

The ICP-CanNorth alliance allows us to offer a valuable proposal with a specialty seal added to our clients in the energy and mining industry, among which we highlight the following aspects:

  • Providing high-quality, cost-effective services for Canadian and international environmental resource developers and government agencies.
  • Facilitating effective communication between the Government, Industry and the Indigenous population about environmental issues and matters.
  • Including and training indigenous people in environmental supervision programs.

CanNorth has participated in the design and implementation of environmental projects for mining and numerous developments for natural resource management. For example, environmental impact assessments, monitoring of environmental effects, watershed management, aquatic habitat assessment, and fish studies have been completed successfully, meeting or exceeding regulatory standards for mining and many other development projects of natural resources.

Servicios Medioambientales

CanNorth has conducted extensive research on wildlife, habitat, and endangered species, allowing us to conduct impact assessments and develop effective habitat management plans. Botanical inventories and exotic vegetation surveys are conducted to aid and assist in project planning, as well as the design and implementation of restoration and revegetation programs.

Alliances with Technology Centers


Fraunhofer is the largest research and technology transfer (RTO) center in Europe, made up of more than 160 centers in various locations. Chile being one of them. The technological capabilities cover various areas of knowledge: Biotechnology and Solar Industry.

Fraunhofer provides ICP Engineering with technologies developed by its centers, which are in the scaling stages and which are feasible to bring to the Chilean business market, in the mining, energy and water industries.



Composed of eleven technology centers in Catalonia, Spain. The ability to develop solutions that require R&D in areas such as: Industrial, Digital and Biotechnology.

Eurecat provides expert knowledge on Circular Economy issues, Industry 4.0 applied to the energy, mining and water industries, which are the commercial focuses of ICP Ingeniería.


A Center of International Excellence (CIE) established in Chile from its headquarters in Spain, under the same name.

LEITAT Chile provides technology in additive manufacturing (3D printing) in polymer, ceramics and metal, to manufacture the parts and pieces that, with a high design and innovation content, give solutions to client’s requirements.

ICP Ingeniería is part of the Consorcio Empresarial de Manufactura en Impresión 3D (CEM 3D) which is led by LEITAT Chile.